Meet the Swosh Bottle

Swosh bottles were designed to encompass all the best features for a water bottle into one single easy solution. Built with a 360 degree chemical-free UVC light and auto-cleaning programming, the bottle makes access to clean water easy.

Smart features such as a temperature reader, water reminder and a touch sensored LED screen gives users everything they need wherever they are headed.

The Next Generation Smart Bottle

The Bottle

Single use plastic bottles have been proven to contain harmful microplastics which can pose serious health problems and add to environmental plastic waste. Every time you take a sip of untreated water, you risk exposure to pathogens and microbacteria.  Swosh self-cleaning smart bottles are designed to help eliminate these invisible dangers and ensure every sip is a clean sip. 

Our Technology

Programmed for Perfection

Self-Sterilization. Eco-Friendly. Chemical Free. Meet the Swosh UVC self-cleaning bottle. Each bottle is built in with 360 degree UVC sterilizing features killing up to 99.99% of these harmful substances. It is a super focused UVC light which breaks down micro level bacteria using safe radiation. Our bottles are equipped with AI smart technology which intelligentlly activates sterilization every 2 hours or manually whenever you choose. Using our smart technology, you can clean your bottle in just 60 seconds with a chemical-free and environmentally friendly solution.

Special Specs

Smart Temperature Display

Swosh bottles are equipped with a one-touch LED display. The smart bottles are integrated with an AI chip that gives you an accurate temperature reading to ensure you get the perfect temperature every sip. Just tap the cap to see a quick numeric temperature reading.

Hydration Reminder

Forgetting to drink water? No worries! T Simply hold the tap area for 6 seconds to activate the 1 hour water reminder feature. LED lights will light up with a small beep when it's time to take a sip. What's a better way to remember to hydrate than to have it directly on your bottle? 

Easy USB Charging

With a waterproof rating of IPX6, our bottle caps are designed with a USB charging port on the side. Just make sure the charging port is dry and plug your cable into your cap. No hassel needed. A quick charging solution with a long battery life.


Minimalistic and Professional

Exterior: Beautifully designed with a sleek matte finish for a smooth and comfortable grip. The outer layer is composed of high quality 316 sustainable stainless steel to ensure high levels of durability while giving you the ideal minimalistic lightweight bottle.

Interior: Leak proof caps with a wide mouth opening makes this bottle easy to drink from. Strong insulation ensures maximum temperature retention of both hot and cold liquids. Perfect for your icy drinks or a cup of hot coffee on a cool fall morning!

Who Are Swosh Bottles Ideal For?

The Adventure Seekers

Calling all athletes, hikers and travellers. Swosh bottles are perfect for cleaning water wherever you are! You can ensure safe drinking water from clean fountains, fresh streams, glaciers, rivers, and anywhere else your adventure takes you!

The Office Worker

Not going on a trip? Well, office workers, this is made for you too! With it's beautiful minimalistic modern design, it blends right into office spaces, giving you an even more professional vibe.

Be the Solution. Take a Step to a Cleaner Future!

Clean for you. Clean for the environment. #myswoshbottle

Let's hear from our Beta testers!

"One of THE best waterbottles I've had. As an athlete, I have so many waterbottles and cleaning gets neglected. It looks nice, cleans itself, reads the temperature and reminds me to drink."

- Andrew Timmins
(Avid Hiker)

"Love this!!!! The design is simple yet elegant. My Swosh bottle is perfect on the go. I literally just need to tap the screen and it self-cleans without me needing to do anything. No weird smells from my bottle anymore."

- Heather Sion
(Rock Climbing Coach)

"Perfect! I love how it shows a temperature reading AND a water reminder. It's great for drinking my morning tea in the office. Even the ladies at the yoga studio thought it was super neat!"

- Rebecka Wolfeson 
(Yoga/Pilates Instuctor)

"Fantastic product! I'm an active environmentalist.
I like that this company has made it a goal to help people and the environment through an everyday product. Very innovated product as well! A win for me!

- Sam Guren."
(Environmental Engineer)